Friday, December 14, 2007

Quick ways to NOT get the job..

There's a great blogging opportunity posted on several freelance writing sites from a blogging syndication group. While applying, I had a great email conversation with Nancy and got some info that I had to pass on, with her blessing.

"I really appreciate that you actually read the ad to make sure that your blog qualified technically though," Nancy said. "You wouldn't believe the number of people who write to me who have written once a month, or twice in April and once in's stunning. I'm not sure if people just respond to every single ad and don't bother reading them or if they just don't care if they're qualified."

Nancy is a weary victim of quick shooting freelancers. These speed demons email blast away at anything that posts, not really caring or checking to see if they are qualified, if they've followed directions, etc.

"Not only do I get people who have blogs that aren't qualified, I get many many freelance writers looking for a job, even when in this ad, in the second sentence, I say, "
We are not hiring bloggers, we are looking for existing blogs,"" Nancy said.

What does it say when a writer doesn't even read the second line of the post? Set yourself apart from the pack - read the post carefully, make sure you're qualified, then apply.


Tricia Grissom said...

Good advice. I actually got a thank you note from an editor because I read the directions and followed them. You know it must be bad when they exhibit gratitude for simply applying correctly.

I find it's true of my students, too. They get written assignments, and about 50% don't read the instructions.

Love your blog. And thanks for stopping by mine.

Terreece said...

My students too! I tutor college students and some have gotten through their whole lives without reading directions. They miss crazy easy points because they didn't read the instructions. It makes me twitch :0)

Thank YOU for stopping by!