Friday, December 21, 2007

Is Adsense Working for You?

I've got Google Adsense on my blog and have yet to make any real money from it. I see Adsense ads on practically every site and blog I visit so I'm wondering - does it make money for everyone else but me?

As we wind down our freelancing year and gear up for the next, I am carefully looking at everything I've done this year - gigs earned, revenue generated, what worked, what didn't and planning for the New Year. Indeed, I plan to spend next week after the holidays preparing my office and life for 2008.

Which brings me back to Adsense. Is it working for me? Not really. Am I working for it? Probably not. So as I delve into the web to find out how to "maximize my Adsense revenue" I'm asking you, my genius readers:

If you have a web site or blog, how are you doing with your Adsense revenue? Any tips for us trying to make a buck?


Dawn said...

I use blogads and blogher. Blogads has funded my blogging for a couple of years and I just started blogher.

Terreece said...

I think I tried to submit to blogads and I'm too small a blog - though, it does give me encouragement to grow the blog!

Opal Tribble/Vegan Momma said...

I started using Adsense this past June. My first month I made a little over $40. My pay has been increasing monthly. It went up to $100 per month and now almost that per week.

It varies depending on your blog. I also use suitable keywords that pay a higher amount of money. I regularly write about fitness, health, alternative healing. Those normally do very well at least $1 per click.

I receive a fair amount of visitors on my main website, but even my alternative healing website does well with adsense again it has to do with the keyword some pay a higher payout per click. Even a small blog can do ok if they use appropriate keywords.

It takes trial and error. I would place my adblocks in a certain spot for a few weeks watch it and then move it elsewhere. Eventually, I found a spot that worked for my websites.

Terreece said...

I'm studying up on this whole Adsense gig it definitely seems like it's trial and error. I am also looking into blogher. Thanks for the tips!

Opal Tribble/Vegan Momma said...

You're welcome. You might also try affiliate marketing. I do very well with that. I use Amazon and Commission Junction. With Amazon, the person has to buy w/i 24 hours in order for you to make a sale. I still do well with them. However with CJ it's a lot longer. My top program pays me commission up to one year, as long as the person doesn't refresh their cookie.
I make more with associate marketing than adsense. See what works best for your website and don't quit. In the beginning it can be challenging, but it is worth it.

Beto said...

Hi Terreece:
When someone talks about Adsense it's hard to me to stay quiet... so...

Obviously you have a poor adsense configuration... but let me tell you something more:

- Make at least 1000 pageviews per day, and maybe you'll get from one to 3 dollars that day (for most of people).

- Adsense works better with high traffic

- Earn real money with Adsense? If you find a way please tell me. I have a blog in Spanish, with 2500 visits per day, and my best day ever was almost 6 american dollars.

Still, however, adsense it's one of the best programs (if not the better) to monetize websites, try it harder, read more about it... placements, colors, combinations, sizes...

But there's more than Adsense out there...

Keep trying, writing english content is worth the effort.

You can have a good start here:

...And also search and read about SEO, SEM & how google works, to drive traffic.

Wish u luck,
Beto Aveiga

Terreece said...

Thanks for the best wishes Beto, I had no idea my set up was obviously bad. Perhaps I should be flogged :0)