Saturday, December 15, 2007


Tricia Grissom over at Coffee and Critique posted her list of anti-goals for the new year, among other things she vows not to "Respond to any freelance job ads with exclamation points in the title. Even though I could be making six figures! From home! In my spare time!"

Ha! I thought Tricia's idea was genius and decided to write my own:

I will not:
  1. Remind my daughter to wear a hat when it's 20 degrees outside. Surely she has nerve receptors that will tell her it's cold.
  2. Chase my students to get them to do their homework. Not my job. I already have my degree. (I tutor at the local comm. college.)
  3. Allow single people with no children use traffic as an excuse for being late - I made it through the same traffic, dropped off kids, changed diapers, put on a new shirt and still arrived on time.
  4. Shrug apologetically when I show up late because of traffic, having to change shirts, drop off kids or change diapers. See how that works?
  5. Chase checks. I'll just move me and my family in with whomever owes me money. (Of course all my current clients are prompt payers, I'm just sayin' in theory, someday, someone..)
  6. Respond seriously to ads that! use! exclamation! points! I will! instead! send my! email! like! their! posts! whoo hooo!
Any anti-goals out there? Share 'em!


Tricia Grissom said...

Thanks for the link love! I love your number 1 anti goal. I have a couple of those coat-allergic children. I will also let them learn from their little frozen ice chip ears.

Terreece said...

Hey Tricia,

Always girl! Ice chip ears - that'll learn 'em :0)