Friday, January 18, 2008

Offline Blog Editors Rock!!!

The other day I sent out a call for anyone with feedback on offline blog editors for MACs.  I have to admit, I was skeptical at first. Would it really save me that much time? Would my life be that much easier?

HECK YEAH! I have been blogging my butt off! Seriously, I have to remind myself to get up and shake out the booty. Part of the problem with wrangling multiple blogs is the signing in/out, switching screens to look up info, etc. Having an offline editor smoothes this process out for you.

Not too mention you don't have to have Internet access to blog! No more typing it up in Word, copying and pasting into the blog, then adding tags etc.

I'm catching up on all my work and I can see my productivity scale shooting straight up! I'm using Qumana Blog Manager and really it's easy to use and has a cool look. *They should pay me for that ad.

Anyway, things are looking up in blog world, they are looking up.

Have you boosted your productivity lately? Do tell!

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