Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Finding It Hard to Settle...

I'm working on some great projects so this year and I'm finding it hard to settle in on a time to chat with you all. A great position to be in! But, I do miss my freelancing friends, so on the off day, Tuesday, let's catch up.

I'm also finding it hard to settle for the same things I settled for in 2007. Especially when it comes to freelancing. I'm finding it difficult to accept poor excuses for poor work OR poor excuses for a distinct lack of professionalism I seem to be encountering lately.

Perhaps it's the sense of renewal the New Year brings. It makes the old things so, well, last year. I wonder if instead of the "liquid courage" people take on New Year's Eve, some of my fellow professionals have doubled up on "electronic courage." You would not believe some of the things I have witnessed in the writing world in the past 8 days of the new year. But I digress.

Are you tired of the old things? Tired of that low paying or no paying blog? How! About! Those ads that promise the! Moon! in exclamations - I love that Tricia. Are you tired enough to stop writing for those $2 an article gigs? Tired of your disorganized files or working so many hours you forget what the kids look like? Are you ready to stop settling? Do share!

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