Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year, New Perspective

Every new year people vow to change something about themselves. They will work less, or work more efficiently. They will lose weight, declutter their homes and spend more time having fun. Usually by February these goals are but whispers on the wind.

Instead, let's all decide to change the way we look at things. A new perspective on old situations may be just what we need to achieve the things we really want.

This applies to freelancing as well. Take the time to look through your old files with a new eye. Take a second look at your idea file. Repurpose ideas, maybe the pitch hasn't worked for magazines, but it may work for trades or Web sites.

Check out old clips. Do you have a group of clips that could make their way into a longer article? Are there other publications that may be interested in the idea, what about the reprint? Perhaps your clips may be the outline of a book.

It's a whole new year, with brand new possibilities. Learn from the past - missed deadlines, botched blogs; celebrate triumphs - new gigs and publishing successes; and leave your old perspectives behind.

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