Friday, November 30, 2007

When people ask freelancers to work for free...

I think the name "freelance" writer maybe puts the cha-ching in folks' minds. Maybe using the word free is what gets people thinking that it's okay to take food out of your baby's mouth. Maybe we should change our names to "Paylance Writers..."

That being said I do some free work, prestigious non-profits like Ohioana. Shout out to Leslie! But just some random, "I'm going to get paid, but I want you to donate-type thing? No thanks." Even friends get charged. Oh I may not charge you money, but you better believe you're invited to painting/moving/watching kids party. Oh yeah.

But for those who are not ahem, sensitive to strong language. Harlan Ellison has a few funny words about the whole situation. Again I warn it's not for those offended by strong language, so don't email me about the strong language. Seriously. I'll sick Harlan on you.

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