Friday, November 23, 2007

Do freelancers take a day off?

Happy Belated Turkey Day to All!

I'm waking up from my Thanksgiving induced coma and find myself sitting in front of my computer wondering - Do Freelancers Take a Day Off?

Working the day after Thanksgiving is usually a chore for those in retail, public services industries and recently, government workers in Jersey. But I know there are a small sect of freelancers who are taking a few moments to check emails, return phone calls and yes, blog a bit.

Unfortunately, there are very few instances in which you can get paid vacation time as a freelancer, travel writers excluded. Deciding whether to take a day off means decided which day you are going to go without pay.

The thing to remember is writers, especially the self-employed, need a day off just like everyone else. Everyone has got to be able to take day in which they put down the pen and paper, leave the emails to collect and recharge their internal battery.

Hopefully everyone got the day off yesterday and maybe even today - okay you can check but not respond to those emails. :-)

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Dawn said...

I like to work but I usually force myself to take Saturdays off. But this week I took off from some work stuff because I knew no one would be in the office. I got some last minute corporate stuff that I did Monday and Tuesday (and I have a phone call from my boss today to brainstorm some things) but the rest of the time I worked on my sample chapter and I did a couple of book reviews when I felt stuck.

I'm kind of a workaholic but I like that.