Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Time Management

I just finished writing two articles that collasped at the last possible minute. Sources backed out or just disappeared, my VOIP phone and high speed cable internet access cut off during a storm yesterday leaving me to scramble to finish my work. Whew!

Time management would have been helpful in this situation. I know if I had managed my time better I could have had all interviewing finished and possibly avoided several near heart attacks.

I had established office hours to not only stay consistent, but to keep a sense of discipline and allow for me to confidently schedule interviews and playdates. It is truly hard to keep the schedule. The temptation to constantly rearrange your schedule is always there.

With deadlines given pretty far in advance, why do we writers have such a hard time with time management? With kids or without, writing full time or part time, how do you manage? Share your tips with the community.

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