Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Writing on the go...

Lately I've been working all over the city. I've been working in coffee shops, school rooms, libraries, doctor offices, etc. I've been working in the car so much I think I need to install a desk!

The kids' activities have increased, my workload has increased and I also work part-time as a tutor which takes me out of the house and into my local community college's library.

At first I lugged my laptop everywhere I went, slipping it out during dance class and tapping away in the park hoping to catch a signal so I can send an email. One thing I quickly learned is that the laptop and tap dancing three year-olds don't mix. Nothing like seeing an out of control preschooler sliding toward you and your mobile investment to make you think twice.

So lately I've been using the journalist's favorite - the pen and paper. I'm still experimenting with different techniques - notebooks, legal pads, index cards, etc. Writing is less conspicuous than typing. One of the hazards of writing in public is the inevitable questions on what you are writing, how often, etc. Then there's the techies who want to talk about the pros and cons of your laptop.

I'm now looking into the merits of a digital voice recorder. There are times when I'm cleaning the house and article ideas pop into my head or the latest blog and I can't stop to write it down. Or those times when my arms are full of squirming baby.

How do you write on the go? What do you use?

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Dawn said...

I want a digital recorder, too -- I'll be interested in what you figure out about 'em, fellow Mac girl!

I use an alphasmart (Leslie has the new one -- I have an old one). Do a google or maybe it's I got mine off ebay and I don't use it as much anymore but I took it to a writing conference (they're way durable -- you can beat on 'em with sticks and they survive) and I just used it when I was observing a classroom because I could type quietly. I also like them at interviews because I can maintain eye contact with my interviewee but keep taking notes, which helps if we're talking about something personal where eye contact helps. I learned about 'em from a journalist friend of mine and I do love it!!!