Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wow! It's been a while... How do you find time?

Well folks, I've been working my tail or should I say tale off this past week trying to juggle everything life has to offer. Unfortunately the blogs got neglected. That's the bad news.

The good news is that I am back and still have a great number of things to do: writing, parenting, wife-ing, all those "ings." I am amazed at all of the bloggers out there that hold it down, everyday, while working on so many other things.

I still want to get to the query letter do's and don'ts and I think that an expert should address that for me so next week I will have an expert guest blog on query letters. Today I'd like to seek help from you all out there: How do you find the time? To write, blog, whatever when you have other things on the plate - family, other full time jobs...

Post your tips and the best 3 tips win guest blog for the day! So that means more than 3 of you have to post :-) Come on - stop lurking and join this community!


Dawn said...

I have two answers -- a post lay-off answer and a pre lay-off answer.

Post lay-off (now)
I have the time because I'm now freelancing as a full-time job while my husband does the bulk of the housekeeping, meal making and child-supervising. I wake up and come downstairs (coffee made by husband in hand) and get to work.

Pre lay-off (before last spring)
It was really really really hard. I had no choice so I did it. I mean, I had to make X amount and there was no budging on the budget so I emailed with the computer open on the counter while I made lunch; I did phone interviews outside walking around in circles (stopping to occasionally jot down a quote in a notebook propped on the elephant slide) because any mom knows that if you sit, children invade your lap; I asked friends to come over and help me watch 'em when deadlines all hit. I stayed up way too late, got up way too early, etc. And it was pretty damn hard. My blog, during that time, was my salvation because it was one of the only things that was purely and absolutely mine. It was my sanity saver.

Terreece said...

I'm going to try your tip on getting friends involved. I am happy to have so much going on but still feeling the stretch of the juggling act. Thanks for the comment Dawn! As an expert, would you like to post a guest blog on query letters?

Dawn said...

I forgot to check back! And sure -- If it's cool with you I think I may even have an entry I can swipe from my blog because I'm lazy like that. :)