Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Technical Difficulties: MACBook Pro Battery

I love my MacBook Pro. Well, I love my family and I'm infactuated with my MacBook Pro. We've been together two years now and we've had a great relationship. We had a rocky period when Leopard jacked my system up and I fell into the keyboard of a PC, but it was purely physical - I had deadlines. A girl has her needs.

A couple of tears and some memory later we were back together, living and loving like nothing ever happened. Lately, I've been getting more and more frustrated with my MAC's stamina - it's battery stamina.

I used to get oh, close to four hours. Now I get one. I noticed a sharp decline after installing Leopard and more RAM. I know that people have complained about Leopard eating up battery life, but this much? What about my usage - I've used this laptop everyday for two years - give or take a couple of days for sickness and what not.

So readers, my question is this: What do I do about the battery? Break down and buy a new one? Any good deals out there? Buy a battery refresher? Do they really work? Or resign myself to being connected to a cord all dang day.

Help a sistah and her MAC get the power back. I need some MAC Viagra!

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