Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Environmentally Aware Writer

Happy Earth Day Everyone!!! Before you run out and put your cans in the recycle bin, I'd like to talk about a few ways we can all help out our beautiful planet:

  • Cut down on your printing - do you really need to print out your documents to proofread? If you can do without, great. If you just can't get your edit on without the paper in your hand, be sure to use the other side of the paper for another project.

  • Recycle your ink cartridges - a quick Google search can get you a list of places in your city where you can take your cartridges.

  • Better yet, refill your cartridges - it's cheaper!

  • Buy recycled products - the more we buy the more companies see that there really is a market out there. Sure sometimes the products are more expensive, however you just saved a bundle on your ink cartridges.

  • Electronic billing - Save the trees and have your bills sent electronically and banish those checks (and postage) and send your bills via the web.

  • Elect for direct deposit - if you can, get your vendors to send payment via direct deposit - you'll usually get paid faster too :0)

  • Use your writing skills - and convince your church, child's school or other organization to start recycling!

  • Turn it off - turn off all unused electronics, including your *gasp* computer ;0) Use a power strip and turn everything off with a switch so no phantom electricity usage

  • Vote - elect leaders who put environmental awareness at the forefront.

Any other tips you have to share?

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